New kind of whiteboard

Can do a lot more than a usual whiteboard out there, when you try it, you will see it yourself !

Use the power of web

Now you can able to add interaction, batter design, dynamic data into your documents, just like a website but not a website

Make documents like magic

Create your documents like never before, as easy as crafting a drawing on a paper, just like that!


Collabrate with your friends, teammates and work together, do live video, audio calls, text chat and have some fun along with your work sometimes

Do whatever you want

Open up limitless possiblites, you can use it for lot many use cases, like diagrams, portfolios, notes, wireframes, data visualization and many more you can think of...!

Browse it like a website

When you share it, your frineds can browse your work just like a website, how that sounds to you!

"making it as vizlly as possible"
Coming Soon..!!